055 – Patent Law & More with Wayne Carroll, Esq.

by Sam Crump on September 23, 2017

Show Notes:

In this episode I interview attorney Wayne Carroll, who is an intellectual property attorney. This type of law is especially important to entrepreneurs because they typically want to protect their ideas, their brand or even simply the name of their business, products and services.

Wayne Carroll talks about the differences between patents, trademarks and copyrights. This is a specialized area of law that requires the expertise of an attorney like Wayne Carroll.

Wayne’s website is at www.InspiredIdeaSolutions.com



Show Notes:

Today I interview Hunter Merril who has made a career in the tech and programming field. While he loves computers and programming, he also has many other interests that I call his creative pursuits. From community theater to music to creative writing, Hunter is always exploring new things. His mind does not seem to have an off switch.

Besides his day job as a programmer, he is also launching a new consulting business to help non-techies utilize the ever-expanding world of technology around them. That business is called New Trick Tech.

Give a listen an enjoy the many aspects inside the mind of Hunter Merrill.


053 – MeetUp for Motivation

August 27, 2017
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Show Notes: Today’s episode talks about MeetUp.com, which you can find online or as an app. I had heard of MeetUp but I had never looked into it. Recently I discovered a friend had organized a new writing group on MeetUp, so I signed up and attended. Long story short, this has absolutely motivated me […]

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052 – Break Out of Your Funk

April 19, 2017

Show Notes: Have you ever been in a funk? Everyone has. It can be especially difficult for entrepreneurs who tend to have more challenges, doubts, naysayers, money issues and all around reasons to be bummed. And it is all the more important that entrepreneurs learn how to bounce back and not wallow in their funk. […]

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051 – Trump Is President?!

March 24, 2017
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Shown Notes: Today I listened to my podcast from September 2015, Episode #30, www.BullhornLeadership.com/030 where I was assessing the Presidential Primary races. I talked about the phenomenon of Donald Trump on the right and Bernie Sanders on the left, and how they were both populist candidates who were getting serious support. In this episode I […]

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050 – My Relative In Prison

March 16, 2017
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Show Notes: Today I share the fact that I have a relative in prison. I talk about how I am exchanging letters with him trying to offer encouragement. I try to imagine what it is like to have my liberty taken away. I shared with him that we can change anything about the past but […]

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049 – Back Behind The Mic!

March 12, 2017

Show Notes: After a 10 month hiatus, I am excited to be back behind the mic with my 49th episode! We have moved back to Anthem, Arizona to the house we have owned since 2002. But we took a detour and returned to California 2011-2016. We owned the house the whole time and it became […]

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048 – Is My Life Just Ordinary?

April 4, 2016

Show Notes: Another outdoor walk while I recorded this podcast. The beautiful weather is back, so expect more of these! Today I talk about a new podcast I discovered called The Brian Buffini Show. He has only done a few episodes and it already inspired me to start brainstorming about new ideas. I also share […]

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047 – Life and its Milestones

March 6, 2016

Show Notes: This episode tracks my recent illness, then my back pain. The upside is, I went to a chiropractor for a first time and really found it helpful. I also talk about the passing of my dad, David Crump, last week at age 88. I then talk about some upcoming trips we have and […]

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046 – My Iowa Caucus Appearance

February 15, 2016
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Show Notes: I’ve been fighting a nasty head cold but finally getting back to normal. My recent experience with a nasty person on Facebook reminds me of the need to remain mindful on social media and how odd people can be. The recent Iowa caucus reminded me of my own appearance there in 2008. I […]

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