First, let me thank you for taking the time to visit my website. This is part of a new venture for me after 25 years in law and politics. I still maintain a law practice but I decided to leave politics a few years ago after a couple of terms in the Arizona Legislature and an unsuccessful run for Congress.

I had been carrying the idea for a book in my head for along time. Last year I finally took action by hiring a coach. The concept evolved into writing and speaking on the concept of leadership and incorporating the vision I had of Bullhorn Leadership. I invite you to listen to my first podcast in the next few days to hear more about this, but the concept is to Act Boldly, Communicate Effectively, Make a Difference.

As a result of taking action on my idea, I delivered my first speech on Bullhorn Leadership last October and I’ve completed the framework for my book, which will be published later this year. On top of that, I was inspired to start a podcast, and now that is being launched.

My podcast will be a one hour program once each week. I will drop each episode on Thursdays. I will strive to be authentic and transparent. I have had my share of failures and successes but every experience is a learning opportunity. I look to share all of that and interview interesting people who are leaders and entrepreneurs themselves. I invite you to subscribe and be a regular listener. Welcome!

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