November 2015

042 – Family Time and Giving Thanks

by Sam Crump on November 30, 2015


Show Notes:

Today’s episode is a reflection on family time during Thanksgiving 2015. How do we provide leadership for our families and create positive memories? Spending time together and remembering how important holidays were to us when we were growing up. I also touch on my experiences of trying to give back to others and the stories that go along with that.


041 – Should You Launch a Podcast?

by Sam Crump on November 16, 2015


Show Notes: The winter chill is here. Great time to be with family and sit by a fire.

In this episode I talk about how I got started with my podcast and why it would be great for anyone with a business, a hobby, or any passion. I talk about what is involved and the cost. I think podcasting is a blast and, for the cost, one of the most affordable things you can do to promote your business or other interests.


040 – The Smell of Success

November 7, 2015

Show Notes: This episode recalls my recent experiences with smells, good and bad. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful when it comes to memories, or so I’ve heard. Entrepreneurs should be aware of the smell of their business, and not just those in food service. How your business smells will affect […]

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039 – Pondering Time & Space

November 1, 2015
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Show Notes: In this episode I ponder the things that separate humans from other species. How did we each become who we are. I contemplate our past, present and future. Then I consider the perspective from space looking at the Earth. How big and yet how small. I find this view of the earth inspiring […]

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