September 2015

034 -My Un-Disney Experience

by Sam Crump on September 26, 2015

Show Notes:

After sharing a some recent experiences, including thoughts on Marc Maron’s podcast called WTF, I discuss the experience we had recently at an amusement park. I share my thoughts on what sets Disneyland apart from the others. I also explore what makes some leaders care about the user experience.


033 – Be a Leader During Tragedies

by Sam Crump on September 18, 2015

Show Notes:

Sometimes it seems like tragedies are happening all around us. On the news we see international crisis and we feel helpless to do anything. In our communities we hear about fires and floods and the impacts on families. And sometimes tragedies hit very close to home – either in our families or among those close to us. The question is: when tragedy strikes, are you a leader or a shoulder shrugger?

In this episode I talk about the very human reactions we have when confronted with tragic situations. It’s one thing to offer “thoughts and prayers”. It’s another thing to volunteer or donate items or write a check. Leaders get involved.


032 – Summer of ’85 and Top 10 Pet Peeves

September 10, 2015
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Show Notes: This summer marked the 30th Anniversary of the wonderful summer I spent as an intern in Washington, D.C. for Senator Pete Wilson. In this episode I reminisce about that experience and the lesson it holds for leaders and future leaders. Next I share with you my Top 10 Pet Peeves. Come to think […]

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031 – Intvw with J V Crum III – Conscious Millionaire

September 3, 2015

Today I have a great interview with J V Crum III who knows that financial success without meaning is nothing.

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