August 2015

030 – The Trump and Sanders Phenomenon

by Sam Crump on August 27, 2015

Show Notes:

The 2016 Presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most interesting and entertaining in my lifetime. Donald Trump is being taken more seriously everyday. And he’s being scorned by the Establishment. Hillary Clinton’s easy path to the Democratic nomination has his a serious roadblock, not only by socialist Bernie Sanders, but also due to her lack of good judgment in what is now known as Email-Gate. And hold all tickets — here comes Uncle Joe Biden who sees a great opportunity to win the job he’s always coveted: President of the United States.



029 – A Mix of Thoughts on a Walk

by Sam Crump on August 20, 2015

Show Notes:

Out on a walk on a beautiful August evening in the vineyards. Tonight I discuss a broad range of issues, including:

Job Satisfaction

A WSJ op/ed piece by a tech CEO, Ken Kuang, who laments the lack of core knowledge among graduate business students.

My enjoyment of SiriusXM personality, Michael Smerconish.


028 – Middle Age: The Autumn of Life

August 13, 2015

Show Notes: I often think about life as the four seasons. Spring is 0-25, Summer is 25-50, Fall is 50-75 and Winter is 75-100. In this episode I discuss what one’s life seems like in each season and especially in the Fall or “Autumn”. That’s where I am at now, and it’s fascinating from so […]

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027 – Mandatory Paid Vacation?

August 6, 2015
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Show Notes: Do you take a regular vacation? If so, count yourself lucky. Did you know that Americans are about the only people among the developed nations that don’t receive mandatory paid time off? It’s true. In fact Europeans get about 20 paid vacations days PLUS about 10 paid holidays. That’s 30 days off with […]

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