June 2015

021 – My Tech Journey

by Sam Crump on June 25, 2015

Show Notes:

This episode explores my recent experiences involving tech issues.

1. I had a tech issue with my last podcast and was pleased how I was able to fix it. Heck, even the big celebrity Dennis Miller has technical problems with his podcast, and he has “people” to do it for him!

2. Podcasting got a big boost when comedian Mark Maron of WTFpod.com landed and interview with President Obama.

3. We have a software glitch at work and I think I just may have solved it. Wouldn’t that be cool: the lawyer fixes a tech problem!

4. I love my iPhone and I can’t believe all the things I use it for. I am sure I will get an AppleWatch in the next year or so and can’t wait to explore all the uses I will find for it.


020 – Tips for Public Speaking

by Sam Crump on June 18, 2015

Show Notes:

First, I apologize for missing an episode last week. It was a combination of family funeral, kids visiting, etc. Life is like that – despite our best intentions, sometimes we don’t get things done that we had hoped to do. I was mad at myself for not getting the episode done in advance. Classic procrastination. But life is also about forgiving ourselves and moving forward.

I’ve spent a lot of time at different event lately where I have been able to interact with others and also hear public speakers. Some things I experienced triggered thoughts for this podcast:

-Don’t go up to someone you haven’t seen for a long time and ask, “Do you remember me?” It is rude and puts them on the spot. Be gracious and re-introduce yourself.

-When you are a public speaker, remember these tips:

1. Think about where you are standing and ensure everyone can see you.

2. Make sure everyone can hear you. If you have a mic, hold it up to your mouth. If you don’t, make sure you project and ask folks in the back if they can hear you.

3. Don’t go on too long. Short and sweet is better than long and boring.

4. Remember that the context of your comments is usually NOT about YOU! Don’t go on about yourself when you are supposed to be honoring someone else or talking about a group and its accomplishments.


019 – Don McCarthy – A Tribute

June 4, 2015

Show Notes: Today’s episode is dedicated to my father-in-law, Don McCarthy, who passed away yesterday, June 3, 2015. He was a great man who dedicated himself to his family all of his 84 years. And always by his side was his wife, Pat. She was there yesterday to his last breath, providing all of us […]

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