April 2015

Show Notes:

The racial tensions in this country seem to be getting worse. The recent police actions have been a mixed bag, with some being declared justified even by Attorney General Eric Holder, who is black, and others being clearly criminal acts thanks to amateur video that the whole world can watch.

The recent riots in Baltimore, which follow the recent riots in Ferguson, Missouri, are difficult to watch on the evening news. How can our country still be struggling with this issue 240 years after our founding? There are deeply held feelings on both sides. Some are fair and reasonable views and some are simply prejudice – on both sides.

Allegations are made that more money, better schools, judicial reform, and more programs are the answer. Others say it is a matter of taking personal responsibility, raising children properly and obeying the law.

There is no doubt that the ubiquity of personal video cameras are beginning to reveal troubling conduct by the police. Though it’s doubtful this will radically change behavior or attitudes or solve this problem. We need leadership, but maybe not the kind that comes from the nation’s capital. Maybe we all need to be leaders in our community and begin a dialogue with each other – white/black, rich/poor, educated/uneducated. Together we all make up what this country is, for better or worse. And, hopefully, we all want each day to be better than the last for ourselves, our neighbors and our country.

In this episode I don’t try to answer the question or to even dissect the problem. Rather, it is a lament about where we are. And then I play a short speech that was made many years ago and yet it could not be more relevant today.


Show Notes:

In this interview I talk with Bruce Lymburn, corporate counsel for Clif Bar. I’ve known Bruce since I was a little kid and he has always been gracious with his time and mentorship.

Bruce has been involved with the nutrition snack company since the mid-1990s when they only had 12 employees. He has helped guide them through the legal challenges ever since and became full-time corporate counsel in 2009.

Clif Bar has over 400 employees and is now an internationally recognized brand in the athletic nutrition space. Bruce describes the difficulties that had to be addressed in 2000 when the company had a nice buyout offer of $120 and one of the 50/50 owners wanted to take it and the other one didn’t.

Clif Bar now has vineyards and a tasting room in Napa Valley’s St. Helena, California. www.ClifFamilyWinery.com. The company also does incredible work through its non-profit foundation Clif Bar Family Foundation.


012 – 10 Things Leaders Do

April 16, 2015

Show Notes: A Bullhorn Leader Does the Following 10 Things: 1. Inspires 2. Is Optimistic 3. Prepares for the Unexpected 4. Dresses Appropriately 5. Is a Good Listener 6. Sets Goals 7. Is Intellectually Curious 8. Cares for the Needs of Others 9. Promotes Health & Fitness 10. Is Responsible   Quote for Today: “Twenty […]

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011 – How Do You Make a Difference?

April 9, 2015

Show Notes: Everyone is a leader in at least one way: their own lives. We all need to be working to improve our lives everyday. Beyond that, we are probably leaders in our families. And then, many of us are leaders at work. Are we making a difference in those roles or are we just […]

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010 – How To Build a Fitness Biz | Intvw w/ Josh Rogers of SWEAT

April 2, 2015

Show Notes: My new career move: I started my new role as In-House Counsel at a company this week. It was interesting to experience being in a new regimen with set hours. Also, meeting lots of new people and being aware of my natural tendency of being an introvert at first was a challenge. I […]

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