March 2015

009 – Passion v. Paycheck? | Productivity!

by Sam Crump on March 26, 2015

Show Notes:

In this episode I try out a new format by taking my digital with me on my regular walk out in the country. Let me know how you like the format. If it works for you, I may do it more often.

Productivity: I discuss my recent experiences with productivity in everything from getting yard work done to getting professional work done. I’m even impressed with my four kids and their productivity. I also introduce you to VariDesk, which is a very cool desk that allows you to work standing up or sitting down!

Passion v. Paycheck: I share with you a job offer that has come up with me and how I balance the pursuit of my passion versus my desire for a paycheck. Is it a black & white choice? I say no, it is more of a continuum. Entrepreneurs are always innovating and exploring their passions, even when they find they need to be working in a more traditional setting.

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Show Notes:

We have more information available at our fingertips today than at any time in human history. Yet, it seems that our citizens are not very informed. Sure, we can look things up quickly on our smartphones, but that is not the same as knowledge. Being able to reason and put things in context is knowledge; the other is just information retrieval. These comedy shows that send interviewers onto the street to ask people basic questions that they cannot answer are funny, but they seem to reflect our ignorance.

Our grandparents’ generation seemed to be better educated. They knew Latin, poetry, literature and history. Today people don’t read newspapers or watch the news. Especially millennial who, according to the recent article, Staying Current Their Own Way, seem to “bump” into news on websites like Facebook and believe they are keeping up on current events. But simply knowing the Prime Minister of Israel has been re-elected doesn’t mean anything if one can’t connect it to all the other aspects of that story.

I like the tactile experience of daily newspapers and books. And consider this book review of a new book titled Words Onscreen (WSJ subscription may be required) where the author argues that digital books are creating the same learning experience as traditional books. She says that students especially are complaining that their retention is not the same with digital books.

Our public education in the USA is doing a terrible job of education our next generation of workers, leaders and entrepreneurs. We must do better. But even the adults of our society need to take responsibility for expanding their knowledge, keeping current, understanding context and — most importantly — voting!


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