February 2015

005 – Intvw w/ Moses: A Ugandan Entrepreneur

by Sam Crump on February 26, 2015

Show Notes:



Show Notes:

  • I worked hard on a Valentine’s Dinner Dance
    • I enjoy creating the theme and the plan, promoting; don’t enjoy selling tickets and asking for donations; enjoy being the emcee and overseeing the timing and flow; enjoyed raising funds and building community
  • Networking
    • What is most effective?
    • Caution against joining cause if you’re simply trying to get business
    • How to plan before attending a function or meeting (have a goal; who to meet; what do you want to accomplish?)
    • Recently attended a business networking group; invited by a fellow attorney
    • I’ve done a lot of networking and I’m a good joiner
    • Wasn’t really interested at first; too early; the whole “so, what do you do?” drill
    • Then, attitude changed; good people; well-run; lots of oppty; open slot in my area of business atty (don’t take for granted)
    • So I think I will join
    • Networking is about putting yourself out there
    • Sometimes it requires getting outside your comfort zone
    • Seek opportunities within your existing areas of interest
    • Sports & fitness: these guys in spandex on $10,000 bikes; Golf; Rotary & Kiwanis – but be careful; Chambers of Commerce; Your professional area – attorney for example; Philanthropic; Religious; Your child’s school (two birds with one stone)
  • President’s Day: Teddy Roosevelt
    • Morris, Edmund (1979), The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, 1. To 1901; vol 2: Theodore Rex 1901–1909 (2001); vol 3: Colonel Roosevelt (2010); Pulitzer prize for Volume 1.
    • 1858-1919
    • A sickly kid with asthma that almost killed him
    • 26th President – two terms (wanted a third under Progressive “Bullmoose” Party)
    • Wrote some 35 books, including a respected book on War of 1812 and one on Ornithology at the age of 18
    • Known for running up stairs, never walking
    • Life in the badlands, Dakotas
    • Colonel Roosevelt – War in Cuba, Battle of San Juan Hill
    • Teddy Bear named for him…refused to shoot a defenseless bear
    • Expedition down South American uncharted river; almost died
    • Speak softly and carry a big stick, and you will go far.
  • Interview with Maureen Merrill – speech coach at Maureen Merrill Consulting
    • MaureenMerrill.com
    • Her background
    • Degree in psychology
    • Speaking, presenting, writing
    • Types of clients
    • “Dress for Success”: Appropriate to your situation; e.g., Attorney vs. techie
    • Speaking: Not just an actual speech, but how we speak one on one, in meetings, on the phone
    • Presenting ourselves in social media: Our own websites – important to have one; Posts; Photos; Friends
    • Business Cards



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